Genshin Impact Collaboration Cafe

Hello hello Nukkis~

Fuu-chan is back to give you her report about the Genshin Impact Collaboration Café! (Hahaha yeah does anyone remember we posted about that?)

Honestly, in terms of the food (be it the special collaboration and the regular selection) it’s not very good. The “special” food items are just there so you can collect pictures of your favorite characters and that’s it. You can see they made an effort for some these things to look like what they do in the game, but this is really a “when you’re a fan you would love it if you’re not then you won’t really understand” kind of thing. Before I forget, Sweets Paradise is a viking-style cake buffet place (hence the name) and you have to wear plastic gloves anytime you want to get food or buy the special merch.

The experience getting the reservation and getting into the café is admittedly a little frustrating as well. They don’t serve walk-ins, so you have to make a reservation on their app through phone. You would also think because it’s reservation you don’t have to wait long… That’s not the case, you still have to line-up for a bit.

I visited the café 2 times for some of the Nukkis who ordered, so the magic died kind of quickly for me (hahaha)

The merch is great tho, you can see the quality of the print and the plastic… Which makes me suspect that this is how the restaurant gets most of their customer base.