For Pre-Order: Japan Anime & Manga Goodies

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

NUKKURI is accepting pre-orders for authentic Japanese raw manga, BLCDs, DVDs and Blurays, merch and so much more fresh from Japan.

We buy stuff from Animate, Comi-comi and Toranoana! Most stuff from these stores come with special, limited and rare freebies, sometimes with additional charge, sometimes for free.

Please refer to the pictures for reference. If what you're looking for is not posted, kindly send us a chat message so we can check if they're available.

All prices are inclusive of shipping from JP to PH. Again, please message us if you wanna pre-order other titles.

BLCDs (BL Drama CDs)

1) Remnant 4 Special comi-comi studio bundle includes Acrylic Clear File Folder, 2CDs and 1 booklet PHP 3500

2) Tadaima, Okaeri Bonus set includes 2CDS, never before seen B6 manga booklet, tall CD case and Comi-comi manga leaflet. Also includes the new short story, “Tadaima, Okaeri ~Yoru no Yori Michi~” PHP 4400

3) Yuukyu Omega (Literal translation: Paid Leave Omega) Special comi-comi studio bundle includes: 1CD, 1 manga booklet, a tall CD case and manga leaflet PHP 3100

4) Ecchi wa Shu 7 Kibou Desu (Literal translation: I Wanna Have Sex 7 Days a Week) Special comi-comi studio bundle: comes with Pesotarou-sensei’s manga leaflet and 4 page booklet PHP 2300

Japanese Raw BL Manga

1) Therapy Game Restart Volume 2 Manga volume plus Illustration card and manga leaflet PHP 530

2) Wagamama Ouji Wa Neko wo Karu (Literal translation: The Selfish Prince Hunts the Cat) Volume 1 and 2 Manga comes with Illustration card and manga leaflet PHP 1,100 (for both volume 1 and 2)

3) Kedamono Arashi -Hold Me Baby- Manga comes with 2 manga leaflets PHP 540

4) Aishi no XL Saizu ・ Zokuzoku (Beloved XL Size) Manga comes with manga leaflet and 28page manga booklet PHP 700

Given Movie DVDs

Given Movie Limited Edition Set

Choices: Complete Limited Edition DVD (PHP4800) Complete Limited Edition Blu-Ray (PHP5500) Complete Limited Edition Set includes: ◆Three-sided case drawn by Natsuki Kizu ◆ Original soundtrack CD ◆ Collection of setting materials ◆ Special booklet (manga drawn by Natsuki Kizu) ◆ Illustration card ◆ Bonus footage (Notice & CM collection / Special footage [Cast talk of special footage screened in theaters for a limited time])

Given Volume 7 with DVD

Given special DVD bonus set!

This coming December, get ready for the release of Given Volume 7 that comes with a DVD! The special DVD will feature the story of Mafuyu Satou and Ritsuka Uenoyama that wasn’t shown in the movie.


Anime GIVEN Official Fanbook "memory of" by PASH

This fanbook includes character profiles, story tidbits, seiyuu cast interview, movie staff interview, Kizu Natsuki-sensei interview, art gallery and more! PHP 1700 inclusive of sf from JP to PH

Chainsaw Man Merch

One Piece Vivre Card

One Piece Vivre Card Booster Pack

VIVRE CARD ~ A must have for One Piece fans!

The latest additions to OP Vivre Card now available for pre-order at NUKKURI.


  • 決意の出陣! 赤鞘九人男!! (Nine Red Scabbards)

  • その他(書籍)】VIVRE CARD~ONE PIECE図鑑~ BOOSTER PACK 豪快! 伝説の男達!! (Legendary Men)

Priced at PHP 340, including shipping from JP to PH.

Horimiya Illustration Book

It includes illustrations from 2011 - 2021 in color and black and white. There are illustrations exclusive to this book as well. A must have for any Horimiya fan!

PHP 1400, inclusive of shipping from JP to PH.

Dakaichi Stuff

抱かれたい男1位に脅されています (Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosareteimasu)

Vol. 8 of the manga is being released on September 18, 2021 and with it a special limited edition set that comes with a pamphlet of their play “Blood Wedding” as well as a 12-page booklet in full color! PHP 700, inclusive of shipping from JP to PH

Volume 7 of the Drama Cd will release on August 27, 2021 and as an additional bonus will have an extra CD with more stories like Suzuko’s story: “Boku no Sensei (lit. My Teacher)”, Takato and Chunta’s story of “Naked Apron” and finally, “Knight and Night” a story featured in the 3rd volume of the manga series. PHP 3100, inclusive of shipping from JP to PH


And more stuff to come!!!