Our little game (well, not really a game, hahaha) this month is based on our desire to know more the Nukkis. We asked you guys to share to us what drove you to buy that first manga/light novel? What title? Basically, we wanted to know why did you start collecting manga/light novels? What pulled you to this manga/light novel that it made you buy a manga/light novel for the first time?

Some responses were shared to us privately while many of them can be viewed here

We chose the winners through drawing lots. To all the winners, congratulations!

Thank you to all your responses! It was fun reading all of them. Inspired by your answers, we also went down the memory lane of the past. Allow a few of us to share our story too.

Fuu-chan: Honestly, my first ever volume of manga I bought was Tsubasa Chronicles 2 just because it looked cool and fun (Ahahaha people in the know of how it end, laugh with me) and I really wanted to know the story and context of what happened (internet and scanlations were not as easy and accessible at this time yet) so I bought volume 1 and tried to collect the other volumes. After that, collecting and reading manga just became fun. Compared to now and with Nukkuri and other manga shops in which finding and buying manga and sets are a lot easier and faster compared to when I first started. I think hunting down the volumes I wanted and the waiting anticipation was also part of the charm.

PS. I also remember that in the past, anime adaptations tend to be incomplete or have a totally different ending and manga is usually generally better or satisfying, which I think was also an important factor of why I started collecting.

Shaira: The first ever manga I read was Hana Kimi but it was Katekyo! by Moegi Yuu that started my collection. I was such a fan of Katekyo! and Moegi Yuu that I just had to have a physical copy of the book. I purchased volumes 1 to 3 (volume 4 wasn’t published yet in English at that time). It cost me probably 2000-2500 pesos per volume because of shipping and custom duties. While I was waiting in line for hours, I was fuming and frustrated dealing with our Customs and I swore to myself never again. Hah! Famous words! When I got home and open my box, I was enraptured. That feeling of holding my very first manga, such happiness, such delight, such excitement! After reading them in one sitting, I went online and ordered again. Hahahaha. My bad experience with the Customs that day was swallowed by excitement that night. I got more into collecting when Customs improved their system (?) (they stopped taxing the shipping fee, because in the past, both books and shipping were taxed). From 3 volumes of Katekyo to an amassed collection of around 3000 manga, LN, artbooks, magazines and other stuff is not bad. I think.